2017 Emerging Leader Update: Project Wrap-up

The past six months of working weekly, and frequently, daily, on the Emerging Leader project has been a marathon effort with gratifying results. My fellow group members and I were assigned the project, “EL Team D” and we created a toolkit for LITA to help improve Virtual Engagement for LITA committee and group chairs and members. As we plugged into the project after meeting one another for the first time during one eight-hour conference day back in January at Midwinter, we quickly adapted our Team name to “Team Tenacious D”, which was appropriate in light of the circumstances. With the existing skillsets of the entire team & the help of an incredibly thorough and effective Project Management Plan, we were able to guide our work with clear expectations, deliverables and milestones. We met every week using a different web conferencing software application to test existing virtual meeting portals and to cover the agenda items as the work progressed. Thankfully, our team was made up of such a dynamic group that we all had so much to learn and share with one another throughout the process. This contributed directly to the overall success of the project.

Ultimately, we accomplished the task and created a set of best practices and a toolkit for LITA to help improve virtual engagement and communication for Committee/Interest Group chairs and members to improve productivity. You can view the toolkit .  LITA will use the delivered best practices guide, along with the Leadership Guide created by a prior EL team, as the core resource for incoming Chairs. Once the Guide has been implemented, LITA plans to offer it to all ALA units to improve engagement across the Association. Working with my fellow Emerging Leader peers in the context of this group project has been equal parts inspiring and challenging, and I am grateful for the opportunity as an individual and as a professional in the library field. Presently, we are wrapping up our Final Report and finalizing details to present at ALA during the poster session.

We welcome all ASCLA members and conference attendees to drop in and say hello to “Team Tenacious D” & check out our work at the Emerging Leaders Poster Session and Reception on Friday, June 23 from 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM. Add the poster session and reception to your schedule!

Smooth travels to all who will be attending ALA 2017 this year. Hope to see you there!

Brianna Furcron, ASCLA Emerging Leader

By Melissa Tracy

Marketing, communication, promotions, conference programs and planning as well as member outreach, recruitment and retention.

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